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There is an array of career options to choose from after completion of your Class 12th Board Exams. Also, nowadays, there are more fields to choose from as compared to the earlier days. Previously, the most popular career options were Chartered Accountancy, Engineering, and Medicine. However, now, there are so many other career options for availing – such as Digital Marketing, Ethical Hackers, and Graphic Designers.

Nevertheless, you should be cautious about making the right career choices. Keep in mind that the careers you choose after the 12th standard are the ones that you have to live with. Moreover, you may not be able to change your career after enrolling in a graduation course. And even if you change courses, it could lead to wasting some years of the productive years. So, always ponder upon your career decisions before finalizing the same.

Which Graduation Course is best for you?

Some students seem to be at crossroads in their career paths after their Class XII. This is because there are so many available options. And, of course, everybody wants to make the right choices.

Nonetheless, there are several aspects to consider when selecting your career paths. All the same, you may need help in deciding the right graduation courses. In such cases, be sure to take into account your interests and, accordingly, plan your career. Moreover, you should study what subjects are covered, as well as the teaching pedagogy, of the course that you’re planning to pursue. More so, there are future prospects of your chosen career to consider while taking your career-related decisions.

Available Career Choices after Class 12th

To choose the right graduation courses, you should study about the various career options that are available. Refer to the following details to know more about the career choices post your Class 12th studies.

1)     Engineering

For those candidates who have opted for Science stream, with PCM subjects, are eligible to apply for the engineering courses. Even so, you have to appear for the entrance exams that the engineering institutes conduct to get admissions. Among the most popular engineering entrance exam is the Joint Entrance Exam (JEE) that the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) conducts for admitting the engineering aspirants.

Also, under engineering programs, there are several options to choose from. These include Computer Science, Electrical, Mechanical, Biotechnology, and Civil. Then, among the newer fields, you can select from fields such as Marine Engineering, Textiles, Nanotechnology, and Petrochemicals.

Note that students should have a solid background in Mathematics and Science for pursuing the engineering courses.

2)    Medicine

Medical studies are among the most popular career choices of students from Science stream. Besides, there are several courses for developing a career in Medical Sciences or becoming a doctor. Likewise, as part of your medical studies, there are programs in Agricultural Sciences, Zoology and Pharmacy that you can opt for, after passing the Class 12th exams.

Indeed, there are many medical students who are interested in the Bachelor of Pharmacy courses. As part of this course’s curriculum, the pupils learn the various medicinal drugs and their effects for treating the patients.

However, to be eligible for the Medical courses (including the MBBS one) the students should study subjects such as Physics, Chemistry, and Biology during their Class 12th.

Other than the mainstream career choices, the medical students can avail the option of pursuing medical research in a variety of fields like Microbiology and Genetics. Besides, nowadays, Biotechnology is gaining popularity among the students because of lucrative career prospects after graduation. Also, other course options in the field of medicine – such as Nutrition, Dietetics, and Physiotherapy – can be availed.

3)    Commerce

The students who have completed their Standard 12th in Commerce stream have a multitude of career options. One of the most popular courses that the Commerce students opt for is Chartered Accountancy. Through this course, they learn about handling the financial affairs of companies while complying with the government regulations.

Additionally, they can choose from other courses such as Bachelor of Commerce, Bachelor of Business Management, Company Secretaryship, Bachelor of Economics, and Bachelor of Law. After completion of the aforesaid programs, the graduates can take up positions such as Human Resource Manager, Brand Manager, and Investment Banker.

Nevertheless, there are eligibility norms for the varied courses. So, you must make sure to read the eligibility criteria of the different courses and, then, only submit your applications if eligible.

4)     Arts

Earlier, there were fewer students who opted for Arts stream after completing their 12th Standard. Nonetheless, nowadays, there are several pupils who are opting for Arts courses.

The popular programs in the Arts stream are the ones on Sociology, Interior Designing, Journalism, Advertising, Mass Communication, Psychology, Fashion Designing, Graphics Designing, Photography, History, and Theater.

Other courses for Arts students include the ones on Religion, Linguistics, Foreign languages, Art History, and Filmmaking.

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