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Home-Based Jobs

There are various reasons due to which people may not be able to pursue a 9-to-5 job. In such cases, they can avail the options of home-based jobs to earn some income. Refer to the following details to know about the different jobs that are available on a work-from-home basis.

Virtual Assistant (VA)

Virtual assistants are responsible for the varied administrative jobs of companies. These include preparing presentations, maintaining websites, setting-up meetings, and ensuring order delivery. Basically, when clients are busy and not able to conduct these tasks, they outsource them.

To become a virtual assistant, the applicants have to be qualified and well-trained as per the job requirement. Also, they should display effective communication skills. Having computer knowledge is important as well. Some sites that post VA jobs are Zirtual and Elance.

Translation Services

If a person is proficient in more than one language, then they can apply for the translation jobs. In most cases, fluency in English is a must. Additionally, they must be well-versed in another language, too. They can take a language course for becoming fluent in other languages. Sites such as Upwork and Fiverr are freelancing sites that offer translation jobs.


Blogging has become a popular medium for earning income. To monetize blogs, the concerned parties have to register on Google Adsense and then, wait for their account approval. If approved, they will be allotted ads to put on the given blog, In turn, they can continue earning money by placing the given advertisements. Depending on the number of clicks, views that the advertisement gets, they are paid.

Other options through which persons can earn money from their blog are product sales and affiliate marketing. Also, they can work with blog sponsors where space is allocated for placing the advertisements on the sites for a price.

Online Sales

A range of products can be sold through online sources. If people have any goods for selling, they only need to register on the sites of online retailers such as eBay, Amazon, Indiebazaar. These websites will charge them a fee for displaying their products.

On receiving an order, the vendors must package the products. Thereafter, all they have to do is to hand over the package to the logistics partner upon their arrival. The agencies are responsible for delivery to the customers. Within a week or so, the sellers will receive their profit share.

Shoot YouTube Videos

Having a mid-range smartphone is the only requirement for shooting videos to post on YouTube. Select a particular category and then, shoot videos based on that topic. Create a YouTube channel and keep posting the videos therein. The aspirants can raise their earning potential by attracting higher number of subscribers.

Web Designing

Many start-ups are in need of website developers for devising their online sites. Also, several companies seek the services of these professionals for maintaining their websites. To avail these income-earning opportunities, having some knowledge of web design and coding is a requisite. But, keep in mind that this field is highly competitive. However, for being successful, maintaining a professional attitude is helpful.

Content Writing

Websites are forever looking for fresh content to attract more traffic to their sites. This, in turn, increases the probability of the browsers getting converted into clients. Thus, content writers are much in demand. But, the writers must be able to write engaging, well-researched, and grammatically-correct articles if they want to become seasoned professionals in the field of content writing. Consider opening a Paypal account as some companies use this mode of payment.

Data Entry

Applicants can register on several freelancing sites for availing the listed data entry jobs. For such jobs, they need a computer and internet connection; also, they should develop typing skills. They will be given sheets to work on and have to make the required entries in a digital format.

Online Tutors

The option of working as an online tutor and earning income can be availed if anybody is an expert in any particular academic subjects. For availing these opportunities, they must register on sites such as, BharatTutors, and My PrivateTutor. On these sites, they have to create their profile by filling in the required details. The required information is based on educational qualifications, years of experience, and the subjects that the applicants are proficient in. Also, they have to take an online test and pass through the telephonic round for their selection after which they can work with the sites as an online tutor.

Alternately, they can sign up on portals like Udemy that offers a virtual classroom for teaching other subjects that are not academic in nature.

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