SSB Exam 2024 – Preparation Tips

The Service Selection Board (SSB) has the responsibility of conducting the SSB exam to evaluate the prospective candidates for them to become part of India’s Air Force, Navy, and Army. The Board judges the candidate’s overall personality, general intelligence, and potential. On their part, the aspirants must prepare both mentally and physically if they want to have a successful career run in the country’s defense forces.

To be eligible for the SSB examination, the candidates should be unmarried and clear the United Public Service Commission’s exam, the Combined Defense Services Exam. Moreover, they must fulfill the age criteria and educational qualifications of the positions they are applying to.

After the exam, the selected candidates have to undergo medical test and training, following which they become Commissioned Officers.

The SSB exam is held over five days. On Day 1, they have to give the Basic Intelligence test. Then, on Day 2, the Psychological test is conducted. Day 3 and Day 4 are reserved for the Group Testing Officers (GTO) activities. A Conference is held on Day 5. The Personal Interview is held between the second and fourth days.

SSB Exam: Preparation Tips

Reach the venue on time

Note that for the five-day SSB schedule, you have to arrive one day before. The authorities brief the candidates about the details and the code of conduct before the rounds are scheduled.

Remain confident and maintain a positive outlook

All the same, practice stress-relieving measures and yoga poses to remain calm and composed.

First Day

On the first day of the exam, the candidates’ general intelligence and reasoning (both verbal and non-verbal) skills are assessed. Also, they have to view a picture for 30 seconds and, then, explain their understanding of the same in story form. Thereafter, group discussions that are based around the stories are held and in different batches.

As part of your preparation for this exam, you must study the previous years’ question papers. Also, refer to aptitude tests and engage in debates. By doing so, you can increase your confidence levels while taking in a group.

Write and Analyze

Start writing small stories from daily situations to get practice. The story should revolve around parameters such as character, age, mood, and sex. Also, write on the past, present and future of the given situation. More so, you must analyze your story.

GD Session

During the group discussion, you must put forth your views in a clear and concise manner. You should, also, give others an opportunity to speak and not interrupt anybody while they are taking. Besides, engage actively in the discussion. Pay attention to your body language as well.

Second Day

The second day entails the Situation Reaction Test (SRT), Word Association Test (WAT), Self Description, and Thematic Appreciation Test (TAT). They are all part of a person’s psychological makeup. However, know that these general psychology tests require your focused attention.

Self Analysis

As part of the SSB exam, the aspirant has to give their own brief description. They are judged on their self-analysis, life goals, and attitude towards others. Also, you may have to talk on how your family members and others perceive you. For the same, you must prepare your answers beforehand.

Group Testing Officers (GTO) Activities

For 2 days, the candidates are involved in an array of indoor and outdoor activities – such as the Progressive Group Tasks, Group Planning, Group Obstacle Race, and Group Discussion. The individual tasks involve Command Tasks, Individual Obstacles, and Individual Lecturette ones. These tests are helpful to evaluate the candidates’ team playing and leadership abilities.

Personal Interview

For the Personal Interview, the applicants must work on developing their personality during the preparation period. They must, also, read regularly to remain updated on the recent developments around the world.

Fifth Day

On the fifth day, the Board’s Deputy President gives a closing address. Also, details about the result dates and conferences are given to the candidates.

Maintain Physical Fitness

Keeping physically fit is important if you have to perform all the physical activities that are part of the exam. More so, you must ensure to eat and sleep properly, in addition to pursuing a regular exercise regime.

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