Everything You Need to Know About Coronavirus


Coronavirus is the infectious disease which has engulfed the entire world. Lakhs of peoples around the world is infected, and around 15,000 deaths have been confirmed till date. Since, Coronavirus is life- threating disease and you need to stay alert. You need to save yourself as well as your loved ones by keeping precautions and by staying indoors to avoid any risk. So, here is everything you need to know about Coronavirus.

Coronavirus Latest Update Date: 25 March 2020

Country Name Total Cases Total Deaths Total Recovered
China 81,218 3,281 73,650
Italy 74,386 7,503 9,362
USA 68,211 1,027 394
Spain 49,515 3,647 5,367
Germany 37,323 206 3,547
Iran 27,017 2,077 9,625
France 25,233 1,331 3,900
Switzerland 10,897 153 131
UK 9,529 465 135
S. Korea 9,137 126 3,730
Netherlands 6,412 356 3
Austria 5,588 31 9
Belgium 4,937 178 547
Canada 3,409 36 185
Norway 3,084 14 6
Portugal 2,995 43 22
Australia 2,676 11 118
Brazil 2,554 59 2
Sweden 2,526 62 16
Turkey 2,433 59 26
Israel 2,369 5 58
Malaysia 1,796 20 199
Denmark 1,724 34 1
Czechia 1,654 6 10
Ireland 1,564 9 5
Luxembourg 1,333 8 6
Japan 1,307 45 310
Ecuador 1,211 29 3
Chile 1,142 3 22
Pakistan 1,063 8 21
Poland 1,051 14 7
Thailand 934 4 70
Romania 906 17 86
Saudi Arabia 900 2 29
Finland 880 3 10
Greece 821 22 36
Indonesia 790 58 31
Iceland 737 2 56
Diamond Princess 712 10 597
South Africa 709 12
Russia 658 3 29
India 657 12 43
Philippines 636 38 26
Singapore 631 2 160
Panama 558 8 2
Qatar 537 41
Slovenia 528 5 10
Argentina 502 8 52
Peru 480 9 1
Colombia 470 4 8
Egypt 456 21 95
Croatia 442 1 22
Bahrain 419 4 177
Hong Kong 411 4 102
Mexico 405 5 4
Estonia 404 1 8
Dominican Republic 392 10 3
Serbia 384 4 15
Iraq 346 29 103
Lebanon 333 6 20
UAE 333 2 52
Algeria 302 21 65
New Zealand 283 27
Lithuania 274 4 1
Armenia 265 16
Bulgaria 242 3 4
Taiwan 235 2 29
Hungary 226 10 21
Morocco 225 6 7
Latvia 221 1
Uruguay 217
Slovakia 216 7
San Marino 208 21 4
Costa Rica 201 2 2
Kuwait 195 43
Andorra 188 1 1
North Macedonia 177 3 1
Bosnia and Herzegovina 176 3 2
Tunisia 173 5 2
Jordan 172 1
Moldova 149 1 2
Vietnam 148 17
Albania 146 5 17
Burkina Faso 146 4 10
Ukraine 145 5 1
Cyprus 132 3 3
Faeroe Islands 132 38
Malta 129 2
Réunion 111 1
Brunei 109 2
Venezuela 106 15
Sri Lanka 102 3
Oman 99 17
Senegal 99 9
Cambodia 96 10
Azerbaijan 93 2 10
Belarus 86 29
Afghanistan 84 2 2
Kazakhstan 81
Ivory Coast 80 3
Cameroon 75 1 2
Georgia 75 10
Guadeloupe 73 1
Palestine 71 1 16
Ghana 68 4
Martinique 66 1
Trinidad and Tobago 60 1
Uzbekistan 60
Cuba 57 1 1
Montenegro 53 1
Honduras 52
Nigeria 51 1 2
Liechtenstein 51
DRC 48 2
Mauritius 48 2
Channel Islands 46
Kyrgyzstan 44
Rwanda 41
Bangladesh 39 5 7
Paraguay 37 3
Mayotte 36
Bolivia 32
Monaco 31 1
Macao 30 10
French Guiana 28 6
Kenya 28 1
Jamaica 26 1 2
Gibraltar 26 5
French Polynesia 25
Guatemala 24 1 4
Isle of Man 23
Togo 23 1
Aruba 19 1
Madagascar 19
Barbados 18
New Caledonia 14
Uganda 14
Maldives 13 8
Tanzania 13
Ethiopia 12
Zambia 12
Djibouti 11
Dominica 11
Saint Martin 11
Mongolia 10
El Salvador 9
Equatorial Guinea 9
Cayman Islands 8 1
Haiti 8
Suriname 8
Niger 7 1
Bermuda 7
Namibia 7 2
Seychelles 7
Curaçao 6 1 2
Gabon 6 1
Benin 6
Greenland 6 2
Guyana 5 1
Bahamas 5 1
Fiji 5
Mozambique 5
Syria 5
Cabo Verde 4 1
Congo 4
Eritrea 4
Guinea 4
Vatican City 4
Eswatini 4
Gambia 3 1
Sudan 3 1
Zimbabwe 3 1
Nepal 3 1
Angola 3
Antigua and Barbuda 3
Chad 3
Laos 3
Liberia 3
Myanmar 3
St. Barth 3
Saint Lucia 3
Sint Maarten 3
Belize 2
Bhutan 2
British Virgin Islands 2
Guinea-Bissau 2
Mali 2
Mauritania 2
Nicaragua 2
Saint Kitts and Nevis 2
Grenada 1
Libya 1
Montserrat 1
Papua New Guinea 1
St. Vincent Grenadines 1
Somalia 1
Timor-Leste 1
Turks and Caicos 1
Total: 4,70,967 21,278 1,13,827

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What is Coronavirus?

Coronavirus (COVID- 19) is an infectious disease which is caused by a new kind of virus which is not earlier known to the mankind. It was first discovered and identified in Wuhan at Hubei Province in the country of China. This Coronavirus disease (COVID- 19) was discovered in December 2019 when it spread in Wuhan (China).

Coronavirus is a massive family of viruses which causes illness and sickness to human beings due to common cold. It also causes serious life- threatening diseases like Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS- COV) and Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS- COV). The name of this global disease is named “Corona” due to its shape of crown with lumps around it.

Very little is known about Coronavirus (COVID- 19). Health experts around the world are still now monitoring this situation. The Scientists and Microbiologists are experimenting with vaccines which can cure this disease. Till now, health experts are urging the peoples to keep themselves safe by staying indoors, maintaining hygiene and avoid gathering at crowded places.

How Coronavirus (COVID- 19) Spreads?

The new Coronavirus (COVID- 19) mainly spreads among the humans when they are in contact with an infectious person. When the infectious person sneezes or coughs near healthy person, the droplets of saliva or the discharges from nose from the infectious person if comes in contact with the healthy person then it can infect them with the Coronavirus (COVID- 19).

Moreover, it is also revealed after detailed study that this illness can also be spread by touching any surface or object which contains the deadly virus. If you touch the virus contaminated surface or object with your bare hands, and at the same time if you touch your mouth, face, eyes or nose with your hands then you will get infected with this virus. However, this is not the primary means of spreading the Coronavirus.

According to research, Coronaviruses are zoonotic which means that virus transmission is between animals and humans. Scientists have investigated that SARS- COV were spread from civet cats to humans, and MERS- COV is transmitted from dromedary camels to humans.

What Are the Symptoms Seen in Coronavirus Infected Persons?

The COVID- 19 symptoms appear within 2-14 days among the infected persons after being exposed to the virus. Peoples who have returned from endemic countries like China, Italy, etc is cautioned to stay in isolation for a minimum of 14 days. It is believed that the virus persists for about 14 days.

An infected person may feel Coronavirus symptoms in form of health complication like:

  • Fever
  • Sore throat
  • Running nose
  • Severe cough (Dry cough)
  • Sneezing
  • Pneumonia
  • Difficulty in breathing or shortness of breath (in serious cases)
  • Serious lung problems
  • Kidney failure

There is an old saying: ‘Prevention is better than cure’. So, governments of all countries across the globe as well health experts are advising the people to consult a doctor in case, they are facing the above symptoms. If proper treatment, care and quarantine protocol is not followed, it may lead to loss of life.

What Is the Coronavirus Protection Rules to Be Followed?

The standard protection rules and recommendations from Coronavirus (COVID- 19) includes:

  • Thorough washing of hands with soap water and hand sanitizers.
  • Covering your nose and mouth with a handkerchief or a mask (ideally N95 mask) while coughing or sneezing. This is done so that the droplets discharged from your nose and mouth does not comes in contact with the other person.
  • Avoid coming in contact with those people who are facing fever and respiratory illness like cough and sneeze.
  • It is also recommended that you should not touch your mouth, eyes and nose with dirty hands.
  • Consumption of only properly washed and cooked fruits, vegetables, fish, meat and eggs.

How to Prevent & Save Yourself from Coronavirus (COVID- 19)?

Currently, there is no appropriate medicine or vaccine available to fight against Coronavirus. Scientists and microbiologists in countries like China and USA are still now experimenting with vaccines which can fight against this pandemic. Peoples who are infected with this virus must get complete care. Ample rest and fluids must be taken along with ways to control the fever. Moreover, complete observation under the care of doctors must be maintained.

These are the ways to prevent the pandemic of Coronavirus (COVID- 19), which are:

1. Proper Washing of Hands:
In order to curb the Coronavirus into gripping you, washing your hands properly with soap and water is recommended. You must wash your hands preferably for 20 seconds. If you are not at home, then you must use hand sanitizers of reputed brands. These hand sanitizers must contain a minimum 60 % alcohol. If you are cooking food you must properly wash your hands. Moreover, after using the washroom it is highly recommended to wash your hands. If your hands are not washed then you must refrain yourself from touching your eyes, nose and mouth. This habit of hand washing will keep you safe from coronavirus and will eventually kill the virus. It is also advised that hand sanitizers must be purchased from certified shops.

2. Maintain Social Distancing:
When this pandemic is creating a havoc among the masses, then it is best to avoid social gathering at crowded places. One must avoid going to pubs, restaurants, malls, markets, functions, etc. If you even see someone coughing or sneezing, maintain at least 6 feet distance. Moreover, if you are facing cough or sneeze, then you must stay indoors. Whenever you cough or sneeze, make use of tissues or handkerchiefs.

3. Seeking Proper Medical Attention:
If you are feeling unwell like having severe cough, fever or any kind of breathing problem then you must seek immediate medical attention. In this time of health crisis, you must not take it lightly and contact the nearest health centres as soon as possible. The doctors will check you and will also get you tested for Coronavirus. In case you are tested positive, you must not panic. The doctors will treat you and cure you from this deadly disease with necessary vaccines and anti- viral medicines. Moreover, if you are advised to stay quarantined at home, then stay indoors in order to save yourself and others.

4. Keep Your Surroundings Clean & Germ – Free:
The Coronavirus stays in air and surface for up to 14 hours. So, if you think that any infected person has contaminated your surroundings then you must keep your offices, public places, housing society, and home clean. While cleaning you must make use of disinfectant to keep the surroundings germ- free. Nowadays, the government has ordered every public place to be cleaned properly in order to curb further spreading of Coronavirus (COVID- 19).

5. Make Use of Face Masks:
If you or any known person is facing severe cough then it is advised to use a proper medicated face mask. Moreover, for your own safety, you must wear face mask during travel or during a visit to the hospital. In addition to this, if you are taking care of a coronavirus infected patient, the facemask will come in handy. It is also important to know that face masks are not re-usable or washable. If you have come from a crowded place or visiting any infected person then you must properly dump the mask in a closed bin.


6. Keep Informed the Health Experts & Higher Authorities Regarding Your Travel History:
Peoples who belong to countries like India who have returned after visiting the pandemic countries like China, United Kingdom, United States of America, Italy, etc are very likely to carry the virus with them. So, if you have come from Coronavirus infected countries you must tell the health experts about your recent travel records. If you conceal this information, then you will keep both your own life as well as the lives of your near and dear ones at stake. It is seen in most cases in India that peoples remained quiet about their travel history to infected countries, and spreading the virus quickly around their community.

7. Listen to Health Workers & Higher Authorities:
In order to curb the pandemic called – Coronavirus (COVID- 19), there are certain precautionary measures suggested and implemented by the health care professionals and higher authorities of your country. So, it is your duty to follow the precautionary measures and protocols to keep you and your country safe from coronavirus. Apart from proper healthcare measures, you must follow some of the rules like avoiding any unnecessary travel or gathering at crowded public places.

Moreover, the government across the world has imposed self as well as public lockdown. All the schools, offices, markets, public places and public transportations as well daily flights, trains and buses are closed. It is also advised for the peoples to remain in their home, and not to step out unless it is not very important. Moreover, complete lockdown and curfew is imposed to break the chain of coronavirus.


The origin of Coronavirus outbreak was Wuhan (China). It is believed that China’s illegal wildlife activities and bizarre eating habits are reason for this pandemic. The real reason is still not known to the world. Scientists are still studying the cause of this sudden outbreak. This virus is now spread to all the continents except Antarctica. It is counted that 174 countries and territories are facing this pandemic. As of now according to news reports the global confirmed Coronavirus cases are over 353,608 and death toll is more than 15,417. In India till date there are 470 coronavirus confirmed cases. The death toll in India rose to 9. It is also stated by the government and healthcare professionals that 24 patients are said to be successfully recovered from the Coronavirus (COVID-19) in India. The consequences of Coronavirus are primary the death of infected peoples. Moreover, lockdowns and isolation are also leading the global economy and global market to huge losses.

This severe market crash is also feared to have a recession and job cuts in the near future. Thus, to save the human life and economy, you must stay indoors and fight the coronavirus to such an extent that it breaks the chain. This is possible only by abiding the protocols set by the government and healthcare workers. Therefore, follow the rules, stay indoors and keep yourself safe from the Coronavirus pandemic.

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