Police Jobs in India

As part of the police force, the individuals are entrusted with the responsibility of serving the nation. They have to maintain law and order and also, direct their efforts towards reducing the crime rate. Moreover, police officers have to work at odd hours; and at times, they have to work for long hours as well. Additionally, they have to deal with criminals as part of their duties. Therefore, the aspirants must be mentally and physically prepared if they have to survive in such circumstances.

In the Police department, there are numerous jobs that qualifying persons can apply for, including Constable jobs, Inspector jobs, and Sub-Inspector jobs. The recruitment board is split state-wise and there are many positions to be availed; the interested parties can submit their applications for the desired positions in the state of their hometown.

Examinations for Police Jobs in India

To become a member of the police force in India, the aspirants have to appear for the SSC (Staff Selection Commission) Exam that is held every year; there are over 1500 seats to be filled. The successful candidates can attain various positions in the Central Police Organizations, Central Bureau of Investigation, and Central Industry State Force, amongst others. The salaries are in the range of 3.6 LPA to 12 LPA.

There are several other exams that are conducted for inducting people in the police forces in India such as the ones held by Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI), Indo Tibetan Border Police, Ministry of Defense, and Union Public Service Commission. Also, there are other state exams that are held for recruitment in the police force in India.

The salary structure and job positions tend to vary as per the different exams. However, the common job positions amongst the varied exams that the applicants can apply for are the ones for the Deputy Superintendent of Police, Sub-Inspector, Head Constable, and Constable. The candidates can expect to earn a handsome salary and get added benefits in the police jobs in India.

Amongst all the police jobs in India, the positions of the Indian Police Service (IPS) Officer are sought after the most. The applicants have to pass the IPS exam that is conducted by the Union Public Service Commission every year for attaining the prestigious positions. There are many functional departments that come under the IPS service such as Central Armed Police Forces (CAPF), Traffic Bureau, Crime Branch, Home Guards, and Criminal Investigation Department (CID).

Duties of Police Officers

Police officers bear the responsibility of promoting law and order in the country. As part of their duties, they are required to take measures to prevent crimes, investigate crimes, help people in distressing situations, and provide a secure environment for the country’s citizens. In short, the police personnel have to work towards the well-being of society and the community members.

Women in the Police Force in India

During earlier times, the police jobs were reserved only for the males. However, nowadays, a considerable percentage of women are seen joining the police department. Also, they are achieving great heights in their careers as police personnel. If not field jobs, they can avail the desk jobs that are high paying and also, require less of field work. In turn, they have a safer environment to work in.

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