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A large percentage of people love to travel. Thus, the tourism industry only seems to be growing. Hospitality is a crucial part of tourism and continues to grow alongside. As such, the growing hospitality industry has recorded a rise in opportunities due to which many people are looking to build a career in hotel management. There seems to be several new hotels emerging in India and consequently, there is huge demand for hotel management professionals. The aspirants can apply for hotel management courses and then, avail the related internships.

Applying for Internships in the Hotel Industry

There are 2 ways by which the aspirants can avail for intern opportunities at the hotels. Firstly, they can contact the Human Resources department of the hotels to check if there are any openings for internships. They will ask the applicants to forward their Curriculum Vitae and if their profile is found to be suitable for any upcoming vacancies, they will schedule an interview.

Secondly, the applicants can avail internships through the colleges where they are pursuing the hotel management courses. The institutions forward their CVs to their contacts in the hotel industry. Subsequently, the aspirants will be called to attend an interview.

Duration of the Internships

There are 2 batches for internships with hotels: the summer batch and the winter batch. The summer batch begins from the month of June / July: the winter batch commences during the months of September or October.

Preparing for the Interview

There are various things that the hotel authorities consider when recruiting for the internship positions. Mainly, they will be judged on their performance at the college.

Moreover, they should research well about the particular hotel and also, be prepared to answer questions on the reasons for choosing the specific hotel for their internship. A good strategy is to describe one’s interests and career objectives and also, explain how they fit in with the hotel’s mission and growth plan.

Also, they will test the aspirants for their communication, problem-solving, customer-service, and presentation skills. So, they must prepare accordingly.

Why are hotel management internships in demand?

Hotel management students are keen on interning with the reputed hotels for gaining hands-on-experience in the industry. In turn, their chances of securing a job where they are interning at and with other hotels become high. The aspiring students learn a lot during their internship days. They are trained in treating customers, working with people hailing from different backgrounds, resolving hotel-related issues, amongst others.

Drafting the Curriculum Vitae

When structuring the application for internship positions at hotels, the aspirants must lay emphasis on the different challenges that they faced and their manner of overcoming them. Also, they must mention the cases where they displayed leadership skills. Additionally, they can elucidate certain incidences where the guests were having a problem and explain how the issues were resolved and without causing much inconvenience to all concerned parties – all under their guidance.

Working as an Intern at Hotels

During the internship at the hotels, the interns have to work in different departments. Refer to the following details to learn more on the same.

The duty of Food and Beverage Manager is to make sure that the quality of the food and beverage items is maintained. Also, the day-to-day administration, food supplies, kitchen maintenance, and overseeing the expenditure - constitute their duties.

House Keeping Manager has to manage the housekeeping staff. Their job is to maintain the cleanliness and décor of the rooms. Also, they are required to hire and train the workers. Furthermore, they have to assign duties to them and ensure that there is adequate staff on the different shifts. Front Office Manager is responsible for supervising the front office personnel. These employees have to welcome the guests and assign them the hotel rooms – as per the guests’ preferences.

Hotels in India that Grant Internships

Taj Mahal Hotel – The interested parties can apply for the 6-month internship programs that are offered by the Taj group of hotels as a student of hotel management. Westin Hotel – The Westin chain of hotels is offering 6-months internship programs, but the applicants need college references for becoming eligible for these positions.

Marriot Hotel – There are 6-month internship programs at the Marriot chain of hotels to be availed. Mostly, they prefer candidates from the reputed hotel management institutes. For both batches, they accept internship applications.

Leela Hotel – The Leela group of hotels offers internships that last for 17 weeks for students who are pursuing their hotel management studies from the Institute of Hotel Management (IHM). However, they can avail the 22-week internships if they are studying at any other college as well. Oberoi Hotel – At the Oberoi chain of hotels, the duration of the internships varies from 17 months to 6 months.

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